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Default Race Discussion

Race balance has certainly become a more difficult task. Some random issues that come to mind:

- Crafted and Ruushi gear have made racial stat bonuses less significant, though still important

- Certain racial abilities scale poorly, others scale quite well - combined with above, this makes some races seem unattractive due to lack of scaling
abilities. Undesirable stat bonuses can be compensated for with gear. Continuous healing cannot be.

- Races with class-specific abilities seem unpopular (Weretiger, Hobbit, Jadior, probably a few others). There is usually a clearly better race for anyone who is not that specific class, and even for that class, the enhanced ability usually does not outweigh the advantages of that other race. Also applies to abilities like improved thrown combat tactics.)

- Rank affects make some abilities redundant for ranked characters (I always have 100% enhanced physical recuperation, for example)

- Shielded races have been toned to the point where they seem to have mostly lost their appeal, particularly given the incentives to keep one's rank low.


Some suggestions:

- look into replacing racials that don't scale well with similar ones that do, with an eye given to unpopular races. giving races a <4% continuous healing bonus could be an option.

- class-specific abilities seem to throw off the balance on a race and I feel like most of the races with these abilities could use small buffs, or possibly an alternate ability for characters of classes without that ability

- a more radical approach would be to eliminate stat bonuses on major remort races and instead focus on the abilities, making sure to make all, or at least most, races scale well with high-bonus gear


I hope I've sparked some ideas, would love to see some discussion on the race balance issue.
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